Reached  - Ally Condie

This will be a long review...lol

As I closed the very last page of this awesome finale to the Matched series I start screaming (in a happy way).

I screamed of pure joy and mixed emotions


I laughed in surprise because I finally get what the author wanted the readers to understand


I cried just for a little because I felt the emotions and pain that the characters were feeling


And I clapped for about an hour because Condie really did an excellent job at writing this finale


Well the first book, Matched, was great. But, the second book,Crossed, was not as good although i loved it the same. I was expecting action or something but instead I got some action and then just thoughts and thoughts. No!!!! I like action and thoughts, not just thoughts. You get what I mean? It had taken me two months to read Crossed and when I was about to give up the ending interested me and boom...

"I need to read REACHED." I said to myself one day when I suddenly jumped from my bed in the morning.

I ran to the library and I checked it out. I didn't want to buy something I didn't like...I had to read it from the library first. You understand what I mean? If I loved it I would buy for my own and if I didn't I would just dump it quietly in the library.



This was awesome!!!! I'm not going to say it was this AMAZING book but man what an awesome book. I gulped 512 pages in less than two days and I DO NOT regret it at all. I will definitely buy it.

I'm not going to spoil this at all because in order for you to understand everything you have to read the first two books. I'll try my best.


-The writing. It was good. Very understandable and no grammar errors. I think it could have been more detailed but it was still great.

-Poems. Yes, Condie uses a lot of poems and arts related things. I love that about this book because it represents hope for the main characters. There are some very beautiful poems in this book.

-The characters. They were all amazing. Each had its own kind of personality that made them each unique. I especially loved Xander, Indie, and Lei.

-The plot. It was to rebel against the Society. I liked how it turned out.

-The reality. Even though this was set in the future it had a reality that we see today.we wish to want something, save the world, or follow someone and then get disappointed we still have to go on. We have to cling to hope and even if things don't turn out how we wanted them to turn out something good will always come out of it.

-Surprising. Some things surprised me in this book that I did not expect at all. Others were predictable but you still got kind of surprised.

-The cover. I LOVE the covers of the Matched series. Especially this one. So beautiful and unique.

-The ending.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Some spoilers ahead

-The love triangle. Yes, I was confused because Cassia would say something like: "I know I want to be with Ky but I also love Xander." Yes we fucking get it, you LOVE Ky but you have to let Xander go at some point. Yeah, you dumped him for Ky so get over it and stop feeling bad for him. And Xander wanted Cassia but it was obvious he would be the third wheel. And Ky didn't really have an opinion. I HATE love triangles because of who you have to choose. Either way, I loved how it all turned out towards the end.

-Cassia. Yeah, she is the heroine. The one who saves the damn day. The one who solves everything. Is Condie trying to prove us that Cassia is some kind of rebel by asking too many questions when she sin't supposed to or by defending individuals that nobody seems to like? I think everyone does that. I have always found her annoying. The only reason why I kept reading? Xander and Ky and because of everyone else.


-The Rising and rebellion. Okay, so I was expecting some kind of action...hello!! You are rebelling against the Society. I was excited for that but, it turned out there was no violence. There was a plague and there were questions to be answered.


-Getting confused. So sometimes I would get confused and understand nothing. Sometimes I would get bored. But...then I would get interested again until the end.

-Cassia and Ky. I would have preferred for Cassia to stay alone for a while. And Ky be with Indie. Xander and Lei seem great together.

-Emptiness. I really liked this book. But there was just something about it that didn't really have that magic or effect a book is supposed to have. I was just sometimes annoyed.



It's worth reading. Awesome. And even thought there were somethings I didn't really like it is enjoyable and it was worth my time. I do not regret reading this book at all. I loved the ending and I was kind of sad that the world of Cassia, Ky, and Xander was over.

And I also think that there should have been a fourth book. I mean, we got to see Cassia and Ky's love story. What about Xanders?

Anyways, you should check out this whole series and enjoy it. It is one of the best finales I have read in a long time.